Our Ladies Bible Study covers many topics.

We have open discussions and delve into God's Word

to find solutions for today's problems.

Intermingled in our Bible Study is the subject of

Women of the Bible.

Women of the Bible is an exciting and indepth

study of the women in Bible days.

We study their lives, their customs,

their problems, and their solutions.


They really were "Women Like Us." They had problems with their children, marriages, finances, etc. just as we do today. But they also can show us how to be victorious and how to be a fulfilled and joyous Christian modern-day woman. Come learn with us as we dig into the lives of these women and learn how to grow spiritually and emotionally.



We meet every Wednesday night from

September - May

7:00 pm

Downstairs in main church building.

Last room on right.



Taught by Debby DeStefano