The concepts of our philosophy of education are derived from the Bible and include the following:

  • The Bible, the divinely inspired Word of God, is our authority for faith and conduct.
  • Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God, is our theme and subject.
  • All things in heaven and in earth, visible and invisible, were created by the sovereign God and revealed in the Holy Bible.
  • God created man in His own image, as a spiritual, mental and physical being.
The Fall
  • Man by his disobedience to the divine command marred the image of God beyond his own ability to repair it.
  • Through the creative act of God all men are brothers regardless of race, color, and national origin.
  • Man, though a spiritual, mental and physical being, is essentially one; all efforts in his behalf must acknowledge this basic unity and the interaction of every attribute.
  • A personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word, justifies a man before God and begins that restoration of the image of God that is completed by Him in heaven.
  • The desire for truth, finding truth, and learning truth glorifies God.
  • All truth is God's truth; and as we strive to bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Jesus Christ, with the humility of finite man, the larger understandings that are developed establish the compatibility of Biblical revelation with that of all of other areas of knowledge.
  • Every Christian is to glorify God in and through the vocation to which God has called him.
  • God commands respect for and obedience to human authorities.
  • Until our Lord returns in power and glory, it is the responsibility of His disciples to occupy every vocational and cultural area, even as social and political institutions continue to deteriorate.
  • The Christian response to all forms of artistic endeavor must also be to the glory of God.
  • The human body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and is to be cared for and used to His glory.
  • All believers are united by their commitment to Christ as Savior.
  • Parents are responsible to God for the education of their children, and that the Christian school is obligated to support and complement the Christian training in the godly home.
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