My name is Phyllis Lemmon.  I am a secretary at Fairwinds Christian School.  My children have always been in Christian schooling even before I was on staff.  I am quite aware of the sacrifices it takes to make Christian schooling possible for children.  But I can also emphatically say the sacrifices are more than worth it.


I have two children who have graduated from Fairwinds in 2008 and in 2010.  They have both since graduated from college and are now married.  What's more, they are active in their church and serving the Lord!  You see, what I learned early was that 7 or more hours a day spent in a school community was teaching my children more than just academics.  Lessons of life were being learned.  Character was being formed.  Faith was being built.  Fairwinds provides strong academics but even more importantly, Fairwinds teaches life lessons, helps form character, and builds faith, from the Bible.  You just can't get that from the public schools. 


My six-year-old son is now a student at Fairwinds.  I'm thankful to know that he is well on his way to benefiting from the strong academics and strong biblical values that Fairwinds offers.