Grand Prix Race

November 14th

7:00 pm

FCS Gymatorium




The Awana Grand Prix is a Pinewood Derby-style outreach event founded in 1964 to draw fathers to club to hear the gospel message. Approximately 200,000 boys and girls compete annually in more than 5,000 Grand Prix events nationwide.


The Awana Grand Prix is a family-oriented affair that allows clubbers to express their ingenuity by creating and racing their own wooden Grand Prix cars while enabling clubs to share God's plan of salvation with clubbers' unsaved family members by attracting them to a fun event involving their child. Grand Prix events usually last about two hours or the equivalent of one club meeting.


Weeks before the race, clubbers purchase small pine blocks of wood and plastic wheels from which they construct their cars, usually with the help of a parent or leader. Many churches also offer a “Grand Prix Construction Workshop” to help beginners and those not mechanically gifted.

The cars race on a wooden four-lane track. Awards are given for both design and speed. Clubs award first-, second- and third-place trophies for each category. Each clubber who participates also receives a ribbon.


The Grand Prix provides a challenging, stimulating change in the club year that can draw children back after holidays or a drop in attendance. Children’s parents also get involved and the gospel is presented after check-in but prior to races so unsaved family members hear God’s plan of salvation clearly presented. The Awana Grand Prix is not only a fun activity but a powerful tool for reaching unsaved dads.